Who we are

our story begins

Our story began with the parents. Kristóf’s father was a passionate wine writer who established an important magazine in the late ’90s to help revitalize Hungarian wine culture following 40 years of Russian occupation. After reading a special edition book by him on groundbreaking Hungarian wineries, Mark began visiting them to volunteer for basic vineyard labor. Kristóf met Mark later while managing a fine wine shop where Mark would drop by as a shopper.  

the two owners of the wine bar playing doubles ping pong and celebrating
the chef prepping plates of decorative paprikas csirke

Press house 47 is born

Press House 47 began before the covid epidemic as an apartment tasting room/restaurant to share the beauties of Hungarian culture with foreigners visiting Budapest. At dinner events, both the chef and sommelier would chat with guests about the food and wine. The tastings were informal events, conversational in style, where guests and sommelier would explore a wide range of wine topics. They used Hungarian wine as a springboard for branching out into other subjects of interest.


Mark and Kristóf opened Parlé wine bar as a place for people to share wine and stories with each other. Wine is best when enjoyed with others. So despite being a small space, we emphasize the social benefits of coming to Parlé. We strive to create a friendly atmosphere and help people connect with one another.      

celebrating and toasting with wine at the bar

Our top wine tastings

The Casual Tasting

Duration: 13:30 - 15:00

Price: 14 900 HUF

5 wines + 1 eau-de-vie

Grilled crostini

Tour of Hungary Tasting

Duration: 15:00 - 17:00

Price: 18 500 HUF

7 wines + 1 eau-de-vie

Grilled crostini

Wine Flights

Duration: 17:00 - 19:00

Price: 5 000 HUF

3 wines