Welcome to the hidden gem of the international wine scene. With a history of traditional winemaking dating back to Roman times, Hungary has been home to some of the finest flavors.  In 17th century France, Louis XV served our Tokaji at the Palace of Versaille, referring to it fondly as the “King of Wines, Wine of Kings”. This year, a Hungarian wine earned the honor of  “most expensive wine in the world”.  Come taste the unique varietals from one of Europe’s most extraordinary producers.

Getting yourwine thrills

Exploring wine in a foreign country can be an intimidating challenge. Strange language, unexpected varietals, closed doors. We’ll open the way for a fantastic experience. Coming from the USA with Hungarian winemaking roots, I’ve worked many sides of the industry on both continents. During our events, I’ll give you a rare glimpse at a new era of winemaking, balanced with homegrown insights and global perspective. You’ll leave Hungary with a more pronounced pallet, a greater understanding of the international wine industry, and you’ll have fun with friends!

My Wine History

started with a long cherished idea to farm grapes in Hungary. The early experiences were humbling lessons as a vineyard laborer and cellar hand. After vinifying my own riesling in 2007, I swapped sides to work wine commerce in the U.S.— running a supermarket alcohol dept., pouring drinks at wine bars, selling alcohol for a national distributor.  I was the fortunate student of tasting and selling some of the finest wines in the world. Having run through a wide encompassing wine journey, I’ve realized I most enjoy tending my vineyards and introducing guests to the beauties of Hungarian wine.