Terms and conditions

Product Validity

Products are valid as per the dates displayed on the description pages.



Payment can be made in cash, via bank transfer, or with credit card. Credit cards accepted: Mastercard and Visa. Vinosity Kft does not charge a service fee for processing credit card payments. Payment will be listed as Vinosity Kft on the credit card statement. Barion is our credit card processor. For more information regarding their services please visit:



Correct Spelling of Names, Titles

All names, titles and initials of those traveling should be correctly given at the time of booking.



All requests for modifications/amendments must be directed to the Vinosity Kft Customer Service Department who will implement the request. The first two requests will not attract a fee; subsequent requests will attract a fee of HUF 6000 per booking.



Prior to the Tasting: Please refer to the cancellation fees listed in the next section below.  

After the Tasting: No refunds are available once an event has begun.


Cancellation Charges

Canceling a booking with Vinosity Kft may result in cancellation fee being applied. Vinosity Kft will charge cancellation fees as stated below. When cancelling the booking you will be notified via email or telephone of the total cancellation fees.


Fees schedule

  • Greater than 14 days of the date of your event, no cancellation fees (except banking fees if applied).
  • Within 14 to 3 days of the date of the event, cancellation fee amounts to 50% of the total amount paid
  • Within 3 to 1 days of the date of your event, cancellation fee amounts to 75% of the total amount paid.
  • Within 0 days of the date of your event, cancellation fee amounts to 100% of the total amount paid.
  • If a Package booking is during a special event period [including but not limited to Trade Fairs, Public or National Holidays, School Holidays, New Year, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter], any cancellation will attract a fee equal to 100% of the total package price).



It is the responsibility of all passengers, regardless of the passport they hold, to check with the appropriate consulates to determine if any visas are required. As visa and health requirements are subject to change without notice, it is recommended that verification prior to travel be made of existing foreign visa and health requirements.



Prices are per person, unless otherwise specified. Prices are based on the local tariffs at the time of quoting converted at the prevailing foreign exchange rate. Price quotations are subject to change without notice until a booking has been confirmed.


Not Included

Any applicable foreign departure, security, port charges, park fees, customs, immigration, agricultural, passenger facility charges and international transportation tax, tips/gratuities to local sommelier: beverages and food not listed under inclusions in the travel product (these items are billed to you before leaving the venue); and all other items of a personal nature.



We check and recheck facts about the travel product offered to ensure accuracy. When we are told in advance of a significant change to a booking, we notify the consumer/travel agent/distributor.


Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend that, at the time of the booking, a comprehensive travel insurance policy be purchased.


Travel Voucher(s)

Vinosity Kft vouchers for each booking segment will be provided.


Booking Arrangements

In all booking arrangements, the person making the booking shall be deemed to have accepted the booking conditions on behalf of the persons named in the booking. The contract will be governed by and subject to the Terms & Conditions. No variation to these Terms and Conditions shall be of any effect unless made in writing by and with the authority of Vinosity Kft.


Our Responsibility

Tour members, acknowledge by their acceptance, that Vinosity Kft, its agents and suppliers, in connection with the itineraries of individual tour members shall not be liable for injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity, liability or expense to person or property due to act of default by any hotel, carrier or other company or person providing services included in our tastings, events and tours. Further, Vinosity Kft, its agents and suppliers accept no responsibility for any sickness, pilferage, labour disputes, machinery breakdown, government restrains, acts of war and terrorism, weather conditions, defect in any vehicle of transportation or for any misadventure or casualty or any other causes beyond its control.


Vinosity Kft reserves the right to cancel, change or substitute any service and to decline to accept or retain any tour members at any time for any reason including, without limitation, insufficient number of participants. The sole responsibility of any airline used in any tour is limited to that set out in the passenger contract evidenced by the ticket. Any ARC or IATA carriers shall not be liable for any inconvenience, loss or damage, injury, accident, delay or irregularity which may be occasioned by reason of defect or through the acts or omissions of any person or company performing or rendering the services, responsible for any changes or increased costs incurred by passengers as a result of the cancellation of services due to be provided by its agents or suppliers for any reason including, without limitation, insufficient number of participants.


All travel documents/vouchers are issued subject to the terms and conditions specified by Vinosity Kft, its agents and suppliers.